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Control Strategies for Solid oxide Fuel cell voltage

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Control Strategies for Solid oxide Fuel cell voltage

Topics Fuel cell, FCPP, SOFC

This paper presents a comprehensive non-linear dynamic model of a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) that can be used for transient behaviors studies. The model based on electrochemical and thermal equations, accounts for temperature dynamics and output voltage losses. The relaxation time is strongly related to the transient temperature distribution of the solid oxide fuel cell structure. Therefore, it is in the order of some minutes depending on the design parameters and the operating conditions. The model contains the hydrogen, oxygen and water block separately. Other blocks are concentration, activation and ohmic losses block. This analysis is based on an integrated dynamic model of the entire power plant using SIMULINK in Matlab. The analytical details of how active and reactive power output of a stand-alone solid oxide fuel cell power plant (FCPP) is controlled.

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